PICAIS Scholarships to Foster Global Research Collaboration (Germany)

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PICAIS Introduces Scholarships to Foster Global Research Collaboration

Passau, Germany - April 2, 2024 - PICAIS (Passau Institute for Computational Alliances and Interdisciplinary Studies) is announcing the launch of two prestigious scholarship programs aimed at promoting international collaboration in alignment with the Strategic Guiding Themes of the University of Passau.

The two scholarship programs, namely the Research-in-Residence Fellowship and Research Event Funding, are designed to facilitate partnerships between foreign researchers and those at the University of Passau, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange across diverse fields of study.


1. Research-in-Residence Fellowship: The Research-in-Residence Fellowship is a collaborative research grant aimed at nurturing joint projects between foreign scholars and researchers at the University of Passau. Recipients of this fellowship will benefit from various forms of support, including accommodation in Passau, coverage of travel expenses, research materials, and access to office facilities.

2. Research Event Funding: The Research Event Funding initiative aims to support academic events organized in Passau in collaboration with University of Passau researchers, fostering networking opportunities and knowledge dissemination. Eligible activities include academic conferences, workshops, seminars, and Summer Schools. Recipients of this funding will receive support for travel expenses, accommodation, meals, and event logistics.


Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their applications via the provided Application Form to picais@uni-passau.de by May 15, 2024. For further details, please reach out to Dr. Stefanie Meister, PICAIS Managing Director, at picais-office@uni-passau.de.

For more information about the scholarship programs and eligibility criteria, please visit https://cmu.to/PICAIS


About PICAIS: PICAIS (Passau Institute for Computational Alliances and Interdisciplinary Studies) is a leading research institute at the University of Passau dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and advancing knowledge in the digital age. Through innovative research initiatives and strategic partnerships, PICAIS aims to address global challenges and drive positive societal change.


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