ICDI Student Quality Development Unit organized a workshop on Japanese Dining Etiquette

create date :Monday, August 15, 2022 1:37 PM

ICDI Student Quality Development Unit organized a workshop on Japanese Dining Etiquette on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at the International College of Digital Innovation. 
Aim to provide Chiang Mai University students, both foreigners and Thai students, have the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and manners through dining at the dining table. and enhancing experiences, skills, and social-cultural communication through the perspective of dining with Japanese on various occasions. correctly and appropriately as well as to develop the quality and international competence of students
It was honored by Vice Consul Shinzeki Hiromi, Consul General of Japan in Chiang Mai. and cultural and news personnel, namely 1. Ms. Namita Varanirand - Information and Culture Officer (Ms. Namita Varanirand) 2. Ms. Waraporn Netsilp - Education Consultant (Ms.Waraporn Netsin)
There were 81 students and professors together with staff, comprising 14 staff members and 58 students, divided by faculties as follows: Faculty of Humanities 9 people, Digital Innovation International College 20 people, Faculty of Architecture 2 people, Faculty of Agro-Industry 1 person, Faculty of Economics 1 person, Faculty of Engineering 2 people, Faculty of Mass Communication 1 person, Faculty of Medicine 1 person, Faculty of Nursing 9 people, Faculty of Political Science 1 person, Faculty of Science 5 people, Faculty Social Sciences 6 people, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 1 person Divided by nationality: 25 Thais, 19 Burmese, 8 Chinese, 2 Nepalese, 2 Indonesians, 1 Japanese, 1 Laotian, and 1 Brunei.

For more information: https://www.cmu.ac.th/th/article/64721130-3767-4bfc-bfa2-32f84c4aceb1