Doctor of Philosophy Program in Digital Innovation and Fintech

(PhD in Digital Innovation and Financial Technology)

The PhD program is a 3-year-research program – there is no coursework to take. PhD students will work on their thesis project they submitted to enter the program. They will be closely guided and advised by the world-renowned professors who have been working extensively in the area of digital innovation and financial technology.


The PhD program was designed to enable the graduates to:

  1. Become a strategy and policy maker in the workplace.
  2. Capable of utilizing big data for successful business using cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI).
  3. Capable of establishing new knowledge in the area of digital innovation and financial technology.
  4. Design research model using digital technology to solve economic issues.

Application requirement: (as of 2018 academic year)

  1. Master degree or its equivalence in any discipline
  2. A thesis proposal
  3. A letter of permission for study leave issued by the applicant’s workplace – government or private entities.
  4. English proficiency test score is not required. A preference shall be given to applicants who have it.

Schedule for graduate admission :

Application period

Round 1: 2 November - 27 December 2020

Round 2: 18 Febuary - 25 April 2021

Announcement of the list of eligible students for the interview

Round 1: 30 December 2020

Round 2: To be announce

Faculty interview

Round 1: 6 January 2021

Round 2: To be announce

Announcement (bt graduate office)

Round 1: 26 January 2021

Round 2: 21 May 2021

Report in person

Round 1: 6 February 2021

Round 2: 5 June 2021

First day of semester 21 June 2021

Structure of the courses and study plan:


Type 1.1: Student with Master’s Degree

Degree Requirements      48  credits

A. Thesis   

888898   Dissertation      48      credits

B. Academic activities

  1. The student must give a conference presentation by English oral presentation on topics related to the thesis at international conference. Documentary evidence confirming the presentation must be shown to the the program’s committee or approved by the program’s committee.
  2. Two papers of the thesis or a part of the thesis must be published or accepted for publication in an international journal; in which at least 1 of the paper must be published in ISI, or Scopus, or Web of Science index, with the student as the first author.
  3. Students must submit their Ph.D. report every semester except the last semester of the curriculum. In case there is no progress to report, the curriculum committee may take appropriate measures to consider student status.
  4. The student must attend the international college of digital innovation’s annual academic presentation at least 2 times during the program (except in case the student is abroad for thesis work).
  5. The student has to report his/her thesis progress to the Graduate School every semester for approval by the curriculum committee of the program.

?C. Non-credit Courses

  1. Graduate School requirement
  2. Program’s requirement
    1.  Those who are deficient in basic background must register for courses recommended by his/her advisory committee and the program’s committee
    2.  A student has to attend and present at seminars including 888891, 888892 and 888893 in English on the topic related to his/her thesis.

D. Qualifying Examination

  1. The student must pass a qualifying examination to evaluate his/her ability before presenting a thesis proposal.
  2. An unsuccessful examinee may re-examinations within the following regular semester.
  3. In the event that a student does not pass the qualifying examinations, the student will be terminated from the program.

E. Comprehensive Examination

  1. Having submitted a request form to the Graduate School, that has been approved by thesis advisor, a student must then pass the comprehensive examination.
  2. An unsuccessful examinee may re-examinations within the following regular semester.


Academic collaboration with foreign institutions:

- University of Strathclyde, UK

- Curtin University, Australia

- University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, PRC

- East China University of Science and Technology, PRC

- University of Westminster, UK

- Beijing Institute of Technology, PRC

- The Asean +3 University Network (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia in Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

- Université Lumière Lyon 2, France

- Università degli Studi del Sannio, Italy

Foreign private entities in collaboration with ICDI:

  • Alibaba Global Supplier Development, China
  • Stiftung Entrepreneurship, Germany

Collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, CMU:

          The Faculty of Economics at CMU and ICDI aim to establish ‘a Research Centre  of Digital Business’ with the view to pursuing advanced research in digital economy using big data and financial technology. The centre will also support an incubation of startups and provide trainings.

Tuition fee: 125,000Baht/Semester



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